Saturday, December 3, 2016

On Turning Seventy.

If wrinkles must be written upon
our brows, let them not be written
upon the heart. The spirit
should not grow old.

James A. Garfield

 My first birthday.  An eternity ago.

 69 years later

Wow, I'll be turning seventy in March.  Finding it hard to believe.  Where, oh where has all the time gone?  Seems like only yesterday I was counting the days until I hit 21 and became an adult.  And now, here I am about to cross the threshold into old age.  Seventy, to me, signals the last third of your life.  I've so much left that I want, that I NEED to do.   So many hopes and dreams as yet unfulfilled.  Will time be on my side?  

I regret that I didn't start fulfilling my goals sooner, that I chose instead to be a workaholic, but at this point in my life, I really don't have time to focus on those regrets.  Yet sometimes I find them inching their way in.  But, I think that is true at all stages of life.  Don't we all feel regrets once in awhile?  Don't we all wish at one point or another that we had made a different choice, that we had done something differently?  I think regret is a part of life, yes, but not a part of life to be dwelled upon.  I think we were meant to feel, but then to move on, to use our regrets as a lesson of something not to be repeated.

I see this blog as a journal of sorts, a memoir of my journey into the next stage of my life.  My thoughts, my feelings, memories of times past.  Yet, my journal is also a story of new beginnings, of family and friends, once lost, who have now once again become such an important part of my life.  Life is so good, and I am so blessed and filled with gratitude.

So, here's to the future and a celebration of the past.  I invite you to take this journey along with me.


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  1. Well here we go.....we'll journey along together. I'll be seventy next October. shoot. On a maturity level there are 16 year olds more mature than me lol.