Friday, December 9, 2016

Slightly Better Today

Pain is telling us something is wrong, that we need to
behave differently, that what hurts must be fixed.
Ernie Larson

Good morning everyone. What can I say? It's going to be a cold, cold day. I'm off to the fruit stand this morning and will be heading right back home afterwards.  They are even predicting some snow Sunday into Monday.  Will be starting early here this year.

On a good note, I did have a salad yesterday, my first one in what seems like forever.  It has been at least a year.   It was only a simple salad--lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red cabbage, but, oh, it tasted so good. Another one is on the menu for today, and at the fruit stand I plan on buying some watercress to add to it.   Wonder how long it will take to get sick of them.

Lost another .6 pounds this week.   I seem to have put a stop to my downwards spiral.  Have to keep watching myself.  As a food addict, it is very easy for me to get off course.  All it took was one little bag of chips at school, and chips that I hadn't thought I would like --black pepper and cheese-- to get me started.  Ended up buying a huge bag and kidded myself that I was only eating a few a day.  But, the fact is, by the end of the week I had eaten the whole bag.  I'm not even going to talk about my candy run which started after one tiny piece of chocolate at a child's first birthday.

Bought this today for my shoulder and neck pain. Heat it in the microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds and it stays warm for 30 minutes. Do this every two hours. Noticing some improvement.  Feeling a little better this morning.

One thing I have learned from this episode is that one cannot continue to operate their body on the same level as when they were young.  The time comes when one must face up to the fact that their body is not the same one that it was 20, even 10 years ago and the importance of adjusting to these changes.  Here are some things I have learned.

Typing.  I have blogs, I am on FB, I play 4 different games, I type all my school lessons.  Hours and hours on the computer, typing.  My chair is far too low for the computer so my shoulders have to work overtime.  Years of this finally caught up with my aging body.  Time to get a lap table and invest in a new computer chair. 

My right side is my favorite side to sleep, but last night I stayed off of it.  They say sleeping on the same side every night can cause shoulder pain.  Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. And I not only got a better night's rest than I have in days, but also a lessening of pain. 

And today when I head over to the fruit stand, I am taking my shopping cart even though I only need a few items.  During my whole life I've thought nothing have carrying heavy bags, but now I know I cannot do this any longer.  Wonder Woman I am no more.  

Have a good one and a happy weekend.

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  1. Yes, I have to baby my right shoulder too now. No more heavy bags on it. Try not to overuse the mouse. Rest it more often. Aging sucks, LOL!