Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Speaking to the Departed

Parents belong to the world of the past; children belong to the world of the future. Both share the world of the present, but neither can enter or fully understand the other's world and time. It is easier to communicate across miles than across years. We meet and laugh awhile; we separate and grieve awhile. And then we remember.

Joseph A. Bauer

Good morning.  It's back to school day today.  Been on spring break for two weeks now. I am sorry that today will be my last Feng Shui class, and I don't think she will be coming back next semester. When asked she didn't give an answer, but my impression was that she has already made up her mind not to teach.  At any rate, she awakened my interest in the subject as well as 9 Star Astrology and pendulum use.  In fact, I've been using the pendulum to speak with departed family members, and on Easter, when all the family was together and I sat alone, mom sat with me for the first time.  (Of course, I am still learning).

I didn't plan on it, but when the teacher showed me how to program it, I decided it was worth a shot.  Here is a brief example of my first communication.

"Show me yes.  Show me neutral.  Show me no"  Okay ready.
"Mom, are you here with me?"  The pendulum responded "no".
"Dad, are you hare with me?"  The pendulum responded "yes".
"Grandma Lauvenia, are you here with me"?  The pendulum responded "yes".  
"Grandpa Edward, are you here with me?"  The pendulum responded "yes".  
"Mom, are you here with me"?  Again it responded "no".
"Will mom ever forgive me?"  The pendulum responded "yes."  
"Will Tom ever forgive me?"  The pendulum responded "no."  Tom is my eldest son who never really knew me.  

So, this is how it went the several times I used my pendulum.  Always the same responses....until Easter Sunday when I found myself sitting home alone, in tears.  (Ralph had gone to visit his son.)  My daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were all together.  

"Is Mom with them at the Easter party?"  The pendulum responded "no".
"Mom, are you here with me today?"  The pendulum responded "yes".  

More tears, but now they were tears of joy.  Mom chose to spend the holiday with me.


  1. Very cool. I've never tried using the pendulum although I do have one that someone gave to me years ago.

  2. That is nifty. I think I would like to try that.

  3. Good morning Mary, I used to have a pendulum and it certainly did respond to the questions I asked.

    Hope all is well my friend,